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Your site this one protected?

From January, 2017, some browsers like Chrome and Firefox began to warn to yours users that some sites have a "not secure" connection, for not possessing a safety certificate, also known as "SSL Certificate".

And this since does it affect my site?

1.- Your site is vulnerable before cybernetic assaults

2.- One believes great distrust between the navigators and they choose not to enter to your site.

3.- Google penalizes to these sites making them badly positioned in the results of search.

For mentioning some points.

But ... that is a SSL Certificate?

These certificates are electronic documents used to verify the property of the site, that is to say, to confirm that the web site belongs to the one who says, and it isn't a false page that seeks to cheat the users. With this preventing an attacker from supplanting a site (to do a copy of a site to steal information of his users as a web site of a bank for example).
When a certificate this one correctly installed in a site, the protocol known like "HTTP" will change "HTTPS" with the image of a padlock to his left side. Which you will see reflected in the box of the URL ( inside the browser.

As with it a SSL Certificate?

As your suppliers of web site. We have the faculty to offer and implement this service. Only communicate with us.

1. The browsers show as secure your web site

This offers major confidence between the users to the moment to visit your site.


2. Positioning in Google

The sites with SSL Certificate appear in the first positions in the searches of google.


3. Major safety for your site

Protection of your information and that of your users.


4. Persons major traffic

Google can block your site if it is that he doesn't find it sure. For what many persons might not access to him.



$2,910 MXN

Contract certificates

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