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The consumers we happen more time sailing in Internet using our mobile devices. In the following years the use of smartphones will double and yours company cannot remain left behind in this aspect, since now the best way of being near yours clients will be across an application.

Do you think that your business could have an APP?

Do you think that your business could have an APP?

The creation of applications doesn't have limits, and doesn't import the draft of yours business or service, in MediosCorp we help him to find the perfect system in order that yours clients take advantage better of everything what you can offer them.

Which are the Benefits of an APP for yours business

Which are the Benefits of an APP for yours business

  • To be near yours clients without they have to be connected to Internet.
  • To come to more potential clients and even to extend yours market puts.
  • An APP adapted for yours draft, allows that the clients should know better his products or services where they want that they are.
  • Yours clients will be able to put in touch with you in a more fast and simple way, with the geo-location and with the calls in an alone click.
Types of App

Types of App

  • Notifications to your clients.
    In order that they are informed always about your new products, current promotions and from when new goods come, for example.
  • Geo-location
    Yours clients will be able to find the exact place of yours place and the best way of coming up to him from where they are.
  • Systems of payments
    If you handle system of credits or of paragraphs, an app can help him to that yours clients are to so much of when they are the dates of payments and the amounts.
  • E-commerce
    Your virtual opened shop 24 hours of the day every day of the year.
  • Calls in an alone click
    To invite yours clients who are contacted by you, they save the need to mess about on yours telephone number with the function of marked on having touched a button.
  • Multimedia
    Share photos and videos and them update every that believes it necessarily.


Native, web or hybrid App?

Which of them does one adapt more to the needs of your business? It knows all the advantages and disadvantages. At the moment of thinking about the creation of an app for your company it is necessary to bear multitude of factors in mind, between them the type of application about which it will treat itself since the choice that we choose will influence in the success of the same one. Native, web or hybrid App? Between this type of applications enough significant differences exist as for technology of development, performance, cost… But let's analyze the pros and the cons of each one.

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