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The pages of front page (landing) or "landing pages" they are those to which the users come immediately after having given click in one of your announcements or links of e-mail, etc. and his intention belongs to obtain something to the user, in general, his information or the accomplishment of a conversion (sale, record, etc.) on the part of the same one.

That is to say, the pages of front page are the intermediary between the user and the action wished by the same one, working also as the last stimulant factor in order that the persons realize this purchase that you offer, leave his information in a form, register or do what is that you wait of them.

In addition, the landing pages allow:

  • Segment your traffic

  • To offer the elements that every type of user considers to be useful, relevant or interesting

  • To offer additional information of a product or service

  • A direct access to yours needs

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